What Career is Best for Me [Fashionable]17.05.2013 11:15:49
´╗┐What Career is Best for Me would be the best one for you, here a few questions you should ask yourself: What do I love to do? What would I love to do even if I didn get paid to do it? What is my passion? For when you find a career you truly love and get paid for doing it you never really at all! Do you love helping people? Perhaps a career in one of the fields such as education, health or social work would be the best choice for you. A few positions in the service industry you might want to consider include: teacher, college professor, instructor, doctor, nurse, massage therapist, occupational therapist, life coach or social worker. Do you enjoy shopping? You might want to consider a career path in as a buyer for a department store. Possible retail positions include: store buyer, buyer, retail associate, store manager or assistant manager. Do you enjoy design? Perhaps a career path in or or web design would appeal to you. Positions in these career fields can include: fashion designer, graphic web designer, designer or art instructor. If you still unsure what career is the best fit for you, there are a multitude of online resources as well as many career books for you to review. One job hunting manual you may want to check out is, Color is Your Parachute? This manual has plenty of exercises for you to do to help you find the career that is best for you. more Q sessions like thisWhere can I find the Top Cities for Careers?Where Can I find Six-Figure Jobs?What is a Retail Salesperson's Salary?What Does a Social Worker Do?What are some Good Jobs for those that Want to Work with People?What are Some Good Jobs for Teens?What Color is My Parachute?What is a Teacher Assistants Salary?What is an Occupational Therapists Salary?What is a Concierges Salary?What Is Day Trading?What is the Current Minimum Wage?How Can I Help The Homeless?How Can I Contact Frank McCourt?What is the difference between a wage and a salary?How Can I Contact GM?What Is Chinese Overtime?What Is A Reseller?Is there a career in being an insurance fraud investigator?What Is A Collage?What Items Are Included In A Compensation Package?

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